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Simon Dell MBE is one of the most sought-after public speakers in the county¬†with talks on a range of themes from his vast historical knowledge of Dartmoor, Lundy and local policing through to his adventures in Tibet and across the world’s most fascinating mountain ranges. He is also a keen walking guide giving fellow walkers a great understanding of the environment around them and bringing each and every walk alive.

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About Simon

Simon Dell is currently the Director and Coordinator of Moorland Guides. He also has over thirty years service with Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

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Guided Walks

Simon is an experienced walking guide and as well as providing walks on Dartmoor, Lundy and beyond, he can also carry out bespoke walks for you. Contact Simon for more information.

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Simon is an accomplished speaker and covers talks across a range of subjects from the Moors to the Alps, from the history of Devon and Cornwall Police to the crafts and skills of local people.

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Simon has written many books about Dartmoor, Lundy and it’s inhabitants. He has also brought to life some of the areas historic events. You can buy his books here.

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Police History

Simon’s knowledge of Devon and Cornwall Police is extraordinary. Learn more about the force he served for over thirty years and see how it evolved since it’s inception.

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To talk to Simon about walks, talks or anything else from this site, contact him using the link below.

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